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only love is purer

it's dry cleaning with a reimagined attitude to today's service industry. The clean zone is created in the style of "OPEN SPACE" so that you can see how cleanliness is created. Each visit to the dry cleaners will be a pleasant event, and clean clothes will delight you for many years!

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only love is purer

The workshop consists exclusively of new premium-class equipment. The heart of our dry cleaning is the Italian FIRBIMATIC VORTEX exclusive assembly machine, and for exceptionally delicate items - the French DANUBE wet cleaning.

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only love is purer

Special care for allergy sufferers! Free ozonation of clothes. No savings on chemistry! Only proven safe European brands: BUSSETTI, KREUSSLER, TINTOLAV, ALBERTI ANGELO, PYRAMIDES CHERON.

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About Us

Brooklyn Dry Cleaning is a showcase ”Premium” class project by Netta Vittoria Kazakhstan. Since 1997, the company has launched more than a hundred dry cleaners and cleaning industry facilities in the country.

At Brooklyn Dry Cleaners, we've combined industry-leading dry cleaning, state-of-the-art wet cleaning technology, and a steam shop to clean shoes, bags, and the most incredible garments.

Our goal is to take the beauty industry to the next level!

The recipe for good service is simple: the best equipment on the world market, no savings on chemicals and consumables, and only specialists who love their work


Happy customers per month


Suppliers around the world


Best equipment



Our advantages


The main task of dry cleaning is not to spoil! We understand how much you value your favorite things.


The most expensive world brands and exclusively flagship models in the maximum configuration.


Direct deliveries of chemicals and consumables from Europe and the USA. Hypoallergenic premium chemicals.


The staff is only people who love their craft and are constantly improving.


The prices are ridiculous. We fight the stereotype that high-quality dry cleaning is expensive.


Each client, like his thing, is unique. We know how to listen to your wishes.

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Our team

Meet the professionals:

Aksinya Solovieva

Receiving, issuing and processing orders

"The theater begins with a hanger, and dry cleaning with a smile"

Asel Niyazgalieva

Technology and finishing

“Ironing quality is the first thing they look at when picking up a thing”

Egor Neverov

Administration and equipment

“Dry cleaning doesn’t make things new, but it makes things clean!”

Nikita Baturo

Technology, stain removal, shoes

“Often stain removal makes you be more of a detective than a chemist.”

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The main task of dry cleaning is not to spoil!
We understand how much you value your favorite things.